The Evening Standard is inviting readers to celebrate the Coronation with a chance to collect a one-off digital artwork by artist Trevor Jones. The artwork is based on the iconic St Edward’s Crown – a solid gold piece of history that has been used since 1661 to crown British monarchs. Jones, one of the biggest names in the booming NFT (non-fungible token) world, has christened the piece The Oath and has created it for free as a unique opportunity for Evening Standard readers. An NFT is a type of unique digital trading asset that seeks to embody real-world objects (e.g. works of art) and are bought and sold online. The digital artwork will be available as an open-edition NFT starting from Thursday till midnight on Sunday on the Nifty Gateway website. All one needs is an e-mail address to own and claim the unique digital artwork.

The artwork shows the crown on a background that reflects the natural world with King Charles’s long-held passion for the environment. It is an animation work that moves into a revolving crown with sound. Its name refers to the Coronation Oath, which is an oath that every British monarch must take upon their ascension to the throne, swearing to uphold their peoples’ laws and customs. Trevor Jones collaborated with Apollo Entertainment in creating The Oath piece using blockchain Ethereum for the open edition. The artwork will also be stored on the blockchain.

Speaking to the Standard’s How to be a CEO podcast, Jones said: “I wanted to create an artwork for such a historical event, to be able to work with the Evening Standard, and then give this artwork to anyone in the world who wants to have it.” He further stated that this piece was specifically designed to be owned by the general public as opposed to being sold – which, given that Jones’s NFT works have sold for millions of dollars, is pretty unique.

After collecting their open edition of The Oath, readers will have the chance, one week after the Coronation, to potentially get a limited-edition animated version of the work given at random to 444 people. Individuals can also win one of ten signed physical prints of the artwork. For more information about The Oath, head to Trevor Jones’ website:

The artwork is limited-edition NFT available for only a few days, which makes it a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to get their hands on a piece of history that will remain forever etched on the blockchain. Register now for a chance to claim your NFT, with just your email address, and become part of a historic event.